Notts.Kitchen is a responsible catering company and we recognise that ours and our vendors activities have an impact on the environment. These impacts arise from ours, and our vendors, consumption of raw materials, energy and water and from our generation of waste and emissions to land, air and water. In order to minimise that environmental impact we are committed to complying with all environmental legislation, regulations and codes of practice relevant to the industry sector in which we operate.

Notts.Kitchen is committed to continual improvement in our environmental performance and minimising waste and any risks our business creates.

We will achieve this by ensuring that all vendors, employees and suppliers understand this policy and the environmental impacts of our business and provide environmental training appropriate to employee responsibilities. We will also ensure any vendor working with Notts.Kitchen uses our packaging formats, or packaging formats with an equivalent environmental standard.  

Notts.Kitchen will actively engage in the following: 
Notts.Kitchen Packaging

Clearly packaging has a huge impact on the environment. To understand this impact and to minimise it as much as possible, Notts.Kitchen has carried out a study to ensure we are recycling and composting as much of our waste as is feasibly possible. 

This study was carried out with the aim of achieving the following:

At the end of this study, we concluded the following:

As Notts.Kitchen has a range of needs for cold food, hot food, and food to reheat at home, there needs to be a range of packaging solutions to cover all eventualities.

As a result of the findings Notts.Kitchen has committed to the following:

Notts.Kitchen Supply Chain

At Notts.Kitchen we, and our vendors, source a range of products and raw ingredients which are considered specialist, often these products require a convoluted supply chain to get them to our sites. As the UK is an importer of many food items and does not produce them locally, we accept that we have to import products, however, whilst we accept this, we will continue to manage our supply chain in the most efficient ways possible to ensure we have the least impact we can have, while still offering great quality fresh food.

 To minimise our impact in terms of food miles, and to minimise our overall environmental impact, we are committed to the following strategies:

We believe that as it is our responsibility to manage our environmental footprint, the above policy manages our footprint as best we can given our desire to maintain our standards utilising the current waste and supply chain infrastructure. We will review and develop our policy as the facilities to do so are more widely available. 

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