Soft fluffy waffles with your choice of toppings. Try our waffle coated Chicken Thighs, or why not go for a sweet waffle?

Brew Cavern are beer specialists, sourcing the best local, national & international beers, bottle conditioned real ales & ciders.

Comfort food, roasts, breakfasts, all the things you love, but cant be bothered to make at home!

A great selection of Cocktails and Beverages from one of Hockleys favourite Cocktail spots. Why not try a Mocktail if you’re off the booze?

Ellie Blondie makes the chocolate

Our unique coated chicken tenders, crispy and sticky wings. All served as a combo meal!

We make burgers which are Stack’d. Smashed patties, brioche buns, sweet onions. They’re big, and messy. So dive in.

Middle Eastern inspired chick pea based goodness. Vegan falafels & hummus with a twist. We are the GOOD FalaFELLAS

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